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Ajio.Com: Commercial and Document Requirement Details is a curated marketplace and they have a very specific process to evaluate the brand before onboarding. They have city-wise clusters to onboard new sellers.

In this blog, we will tell you what documents are needed to sell on the platform and about the commission structure and payment cycle.

Following are details to be shared with the Brand Onboarding Agency

  1. Registered Name of the Vendor/Seller

  2. Brand Name

  3. Registered Address

  4. Type of entity (Sole proprietorships / limited liability partnerships / Private etc)

  5. GST Number

  6. PAN Number

  7. Name of the Authorized Signatory

  8. Designation of the Authorized Signatory

  9. Vendor Right on the brand ( Manufacturer / Reseller etc)

Commercials for Ajio Marketplace JIT ( Just In Time ) B2C ( Business to Consumer )

As of March 2021

  1. Ajio Margin on Selling price ( MRP less Discount = Gross ) - 19% or Min 150 ( For Selling Price Below 475)

  2. Logistic Charges - Forward Rs 95 and Return Rs 75 ( No Logistic charges for goods below Rs 475 )

  3. Payment Frequency - Every15th Day ( 15th and 30th every Month ) thru RTGS ( Online Payment direct to your bank account )

  4. Credit Period Days - 60 Days from GRN ( Goods Received Note )

  5. Order Cancellations - Rs 250 per order

  6. Product Listing Charge - Nill

  7. Oder Dispatch - From Vendor Warehouse ( 90% order to be fulfilled same day )

Below is the representation of how much payment will be received on every sale


You can also download the calculator from the below excel file

Download XLSX • 11KB

Happy Selling! @

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