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How to Promote or Sell Product on CRED?

There are two ways in which you can explore synergies with CRED:

1. CRED Rewards and

2. CRED Store.

Sharing a brief of both below for your reference

CRED Rewards

CRED Rewards are among the most engaged with features on the app & offer brands a direct line to engage with India's 1% - the most credit & trustworthy folks. CRED rewards mechanics are one of a kind & serve as ideal engagement vehicles for brands looking to reach their ideal audience. Through various luck & skill-based reward constructs, partners are empowered with the ability to connect with the CRED community in meaningful ways that drive awareness, visibility, engagement & best in class conversions across the digital ecosystem. CRED members spend their coins to engage with rewards & consequently signal high intent conversions & brand engagement.

CRED Store

Brands can use CRED Store to create a highly curated digital window-shopping/browsing experience where selective brands are rolled out in limited quantities, products are positioned for impulse purchases, and limited-edition, lifestyle products, services and experiences are made available to members. Once listed, CRED members can use CRED coins to offset market prices of individual SKU thus making it a highly lucrative value proposition.

How to Collaborate with CRED?


  1. Draft a mail about the brand and the product, with few brand links could be website or social media or youtube or catalogue.

  2. Thats it you are done!

You should hear from CRED with in 2 weeks time ( the time may vary now due to Covid)


  1. Please keep the email short and crisp

  2. Share maximum 5 best selling product details

To be part of the CRED brand community you can email CRED

If you are interested in collaboration or need more details then please write to us at and we will email the email address and relevant details to you.

Note : Do mention the Subject Line as : " CRED Collaboration and your brand name " this is to avoid spamming

Below we are sharing a basic email draft for better understanding

Note: This is just for reference


E-mail template

Dear CRED Team,

Greeting on behalf of Brand Name

We would like to be a part of CRED Club Store and/or Reward, please let us know how to take this up, we are happy to connect on call any time.

Waiting for your response

About Brand:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Rem nihil doloremque qui quasi autem At culpa facilis. Ea magni error in nobis aperiam sit incidunt molestiae est debitis perspiciatis. Est voluptate architecto eos alias voluptatibus aut laudantium laboriosam qui libero omnis ea sunt eveniet qui laborum sunt.

Brand related link for quick reference

Website -

Instagram -

Facebook -

Pinterest -

Youtube - https://youtube/off2ecom/

Also please find attached a few of our product image

Looking forward to the collaboration.

Thank You! Name

Brand Name


Please note the above template is just for reference purpose

Note* Due to influx of inquiry we have changed our reply lead time, now all responses will be sent out on every Wednesday, Meet you then!

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