How can I sell on smytten?

Updated: Mar 8

Well well before we answer that question let's first understand who and what is smytten.

Sound fair right?

Smytten is an application and the Largest platform for Luxury Trials and Discovery - Smytten! Launched in November 2015. Its curated platform. 100% Verified Original products sourced straight from brands, with exclusive offers.

Smytten was founded by Swagata Sarangi and Siddhartha Nangia, two ex-ISB-ians with over 25 years of collective experience working with companies like Google, McKinsey and Unilever.

How does it work?

It is divided into two segments - Trial and Shop


How do Free Trials work?

  1. Download and open the Smytten App (available for both IOS and Android users) & register to become a member

  2. As soon as you sign-up as a member, you unlock 6 Free Trial Points.

  3. Avail of your Free Trials, make a purchase and get more Free Trial Points.

Smytten has 500+ Premium Brands across various categories.

As of now (July 2021) it has Accessories, Beauty and grooming, Exclusives, Food and Beverage, Fragrance, Health and Wellness, Home Essentials, Makeup, Mom and Baby, Pet Care, Appliances, Audio and Tech accessories more coming up.

Let's understand smytten as a seller.

To collaborate with smytten all sellers or brands need to start with "Trial" only or "Trial and Shop" both, only shop is not allowed for onboarding.


1. Commercials for full-size products: Range between 25% to 35% + GST on MRP (this is a tentative number )

  • No additional cost for listing, logistics, returns, exchanges, etc

  • The GST is charged on the commission and not on the product

  • The brand can get 100% input on the GST

2. Operating Model: Drop shipment with Smytten logistics.

  • products stay with the brand

  • Smytten share a daily order summary report with the brand

  • The brand needs to keep the orders packed and ready

  • Our logistics partner picks up the product from your end and initiates the shipping on a daily basis


1. Commercials: 0%, Since Smytten is a request based sampling platform.

2. Operating Model: Inventory Model

  • Quantity: Smytten has the potential to serve anywhere between 1 million to 2.5 million samples. The minimum sample size has to be 1500 pcs per product and min 3 products (this may change from time to time, smytten decision is final)

  • Supply process: The brand has to dispatch the entire agreed sample quantity to Smytten's warehouse. From the warehouse, the pick, pack, dispatch, and last mile to end consumer will be taken care of by Smytten

Now the onboarding process.

Will have to share the following infomation.

1. Product details: To be provided with the requested information in the smytten excel sheet format

2. Product images: Individual images, in a white background or PNG format, labelled with EAN Code/Brand SKU ID and Brand logo.

3. Agreement: Will be shared post the commercials are closed

4. Documents (scanned copies):

  • PAN Card

  • 3 Page GST Certificate

  • Cancelled Cheque

  • The Brand Info Sheet shared by Smytten

If you need any more information or have any query please leave us your contact information in the link below.

Mention the following in

1. Subject - Smytten and Your Brand/Company name to avoid any delay in response.

2. Message - Your query or requirement and the following details

  • Website Link

  • Social media Link

  • Brand Name

  • Contact Person Number

Disclaimer - The above information shared is just for the overall idea, any changes in the tentative numbers, figures, percentages, etc, can differ from a case to case basis. Smytten decision will be final.

This information is collated based on experience and not being provided or endorsed by the Smytten. Note* Due to influx of inquiry we have changed our reply lead time, now all responses will be sent out on every Wednesday, Meet you then!

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