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How Pay Per Click (PPC) Reviews Impact Your Online Business

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most popular channels that businesses use to build awareness, increase quality web traffic, and generate more leads. While PPC can be an extremely powerful tool, your reputation management, and PPC reviews can significantly affect the results of your PPC efforts.

Here, we will discuss how these reviews can affect your conversion rate, how they affect your PPC campaign, and what can be done to improve your reputation through these reviews.

The connection between Reviews and Conversion Rate

PPC reviews play an important role in your customers’ buying decisions. The majority of users refer to genuine reviews before availing of a product or service. As a result, reviews can have a great impact on the digital marketing campaigns of businesses, including PPC. That being said, PPC conversion rates get affected not just by your ratings, but also the way you respond to your reviews. Brands that frequently reply to their reviews see more conversion rate than those who are less responsive.

Importance of Reputation Management in PPC Campaigns

The impact of PPC reviews on your marketing campaign can be surprising to many. When a user clicks on the link of a PPC ad, they reach a landing page. When your brand has weak reviews, they may leave a negative rating on this landing page, which gives a negative impact on the new visitors. It is a fact that many users conduct research before placing the final order and if they found your business with negative reviews on search engines then they cannot avail of your services.

When a user types your brand name on a search engine, your business profile gets displayed on their screen, along with your reviews. They may also look at other businesses and compare your reviews with your competitors. Therefore, the business with the best PPC reviews will finally gain the trust of the users and grab the deal. So you must concentrate on your online reviews and you must be responsive. You should answer your customers and solve their problems.

Ways to Boost Your PPC Success

If you really want to improve your online reputation and boost the performance of your PPC campaign, then the following steps can be of great help:

  • Attract positive reviews: When you receive lots of positive reviews, you end up building a positive online reputation. So, you will need to find ways to attract more positive reviews from your satisfied customers. You can successfully do that with the help of Supple reviews, a special tool through which you can make a review posting process easy for your customers.

  • Increase the volume of your reviews: Staying an average review rating is fine, but if the user cannot find a good amount of reviews, then they are less likely to do business with your company. The less your reviews are, the fewer chances you have to attract that customer. So, use Supple to attract more reviews for your business. Supple offers different services such as SEO, web design, Adwords, and retargeting, and you can easily download your SEO report by entering your website address on their official website.

  • Encourage recent reviews: Even if you have so many positive reviews for your product or service, they are less likely to attract your customers if they are too old. When customers look for your reviews, they expect for recent ones. Latest reviews are believed to be more accurate and indicate that your company is still reliable.

Eventually, every business is bound to get some negative reviews. The difference lies in the way you respond to them. Respond to them politely, apologies for what went wrong, and make your best effort to correct it. This will encourage your satisfied customer to turn their negative comment into a positive one. So, PPC reviews play a great role in improving your online reputation and growing your business.

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