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How to Sell on LIMEROAD?

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Come, love | create | share | shop with us.

That's the Tag Line!

LimeRoad is an online fashion and apparel store. The website allows shoppers to buy according to material, brand, colour etc. and unlike the old guard of online retail, it facilitates discussions on products, purchases and their promotions through the viral route and the main thrust of the business relies on user-generated content, which separates it from other platforms like Myntra or Jabong.

Besides fashion and apparel, LimeRoad also offers home and kitchen products. Sellers on the platform can post their own collections, looks, videos, besides selling their products, marketing their brand and building their audience. 

This online fashion marketplace for women has an endless list of products, especially ethnic wear at affordable prices. You’re going to fall in love with its vast collection!

But how to Sell on LIMEROAD?

Its pretty simple, just need to share few details with the Limeread team via mail and you are done with the registration!

We have mentioned below the list of details / Documents that has to be shared with the team.

Documents required for the registration process

  • Company Name

  • Brand Name

  • Registered Mail ID

  • Contact Person Name

  • Contact Number

  • Category of products

  • Sample Images of products

  • Company Address

  • Warehouse address

  • GST Certificate

  • PAN Card

  • Cancelled Cheque (Owner/Company name must be printed on the cheque).

Along with that need to tell with Margin Models would you prefer to go ahead with. Sharing the Margin Models details below

Model 1 - 45% Margin on Selling Price + GST Model 2 - 35% Margin on Selling Price + GST + Freight Charges (Limeroad will bear COD Charges) Model 3- 25% Margin on Selling Price + COD+ GST + Freight Charges You can also check the details of margin through Margin calculator from the attached details.


  1. In the above models, the first 50 packets for packaging will be free from Limeroad. Refer to the attached pdf for details on packaging costs post the 50 free packets.

  2. GST is payable by Vendor .

  3. Freight is Rs. 50 / 500 gms of weight + GST @ 18%.

  4. COD charges in model - 3 is 59 (Inclusive GST ) as per product.

  5. Freight will be charged To and Fro in case of customer returns in Module 2.

  6. For Penalty & Incentive please refer to the attached document.

  7. Registration under GST is mandatory for the vendor to sell on

Mail the above details to

How about the Payment Terms?

Orders Delivered within :

  • 1st to 15th of every month (For Ex. June) does get NEFT on 1st of next month (July).

  • 16th to 30th/31st of every month (For Ex. June) will be done NEFT on 16th of next month(July).

Please note for a new vendor for the first time, the first payment comes after 30 days & then it occurs as per the said cycle. Once you confirm the margin module limeroad will start the registration process. Moreover, we are attaching the details which will be required to fill your GST form. Do refer the Excel sheet and fill the details.

Attachment(s) GST_Form.xlsx Incentive_and_Penalty_Policy.pdf Margin_Calculator.xlsx Packaging.pdf Standardized_category_Weight__1___12_.xlsx


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