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How to sell products on

Hello Brand, If you are reading this blog, it means you have already tried to register with Purplle through the brand website (if not, please click on the link below) but have not been able to get registered so far. Link : Sell on Let us help you then. Below we will share some very easy tips and processes to be followed to successfully be part of the Purplle family.

Let's begin!


  1. Ensure that you are selling on a few of the open marketplaces, e.g. Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Paytm, etc., including your own website. This will help Purplle (or any closed marketplace) understand the brand: its representation, authenticity, presentation, and potential.

  2. It is also necessary to be present on any of the above (at least two open market places) for a minimum of six months. This helps understand how the brand has been performing online and how much business (sale value) the brand has done.

  3. Product representation is very crucial: product imagery tells a lot about the brand and its product quality (good product quality is often associated with good quality packaging; that's retail!). So if you don't have good product representation, do take it up on priority. Get some good shooting done (it need not be expensive work, just find a creative person). Make sure the image resolution is not compromised (basic DSLR & tripod with good lighting-studio or natural is all that is needed).

  4. If you are not sure about the product representation, whether it is OK or not, then you can share with us a few details and we will do a quick analysis for free. Please fill in the details in the link shared below.


  6. Create a short and crisp brand presentation (PPT) and include the following:

  7. About the Company

  8. About the Brand

  9. Product count in each category.

  10. Company turnover ( offline-online ratio)

  11. Target consumer ( Gender, Age, etc.)

  12. Product USP.

  13. Add another valuable information if any

Example of PPT - Click Here

Quick Fact: There are 50+ marketplaces where you can sell cosmetics and wellness products online.

How to register with

Now that you have tried reaching out through the website but have not heard back, allow us to assist you here.

  1. Please fill in this form : Registration link

  2. Share the PPT. If you don't have it, no problem. We will create it for you.

After we have the proposal and all the required info, we will reach out to the Purplle team one-on-one and share the proposal. And we will use every available method to bring you on board.

Please note that Purplle is a close marketplace, which means that it curates brands and has all the rights to select or reject the brand. So what we do is try and analyse and eliminate all possible reasons that can cause rejection. Also, getting shortlisted can take time (anywhere between 1 and 6 months). Whatever the case, we will keep you updated.

What is the charge to sell on for a Drop-Ship model?

Below defined is the margin structure for the same.

Commission : 18% on selling price (inclusive of all taxes)

Visibility & Listing cost : 12% on selling price (inclusive of all taxes)

Logistic Fee : Rs.50 per product

Profit Calculator Link - Click Here

*Note please download the file to use it. Send us an email with all of the requested information at, and we will get back to you with the necessary information and a quote.


Email Template

Mention the subject line as: (please keep the subject line as it is)

Purplle collaboration_"Mention your Brand Name"

Mail Body:

"Dear Team Off2ecom,

We would like to be a part of Purplle. Please let us know how to take this up. We are happy to connect on call any time.

Waiting for your response

About Brand:

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