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Know what is Flipkart fulfillment and how to use it!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


What is FlipkartFulfilment

Who should use FlipkartFulfilment

How to register for FlipkartFulfilment How does FlipkartFulfilment work How to create a consignment Going survive How to see FFInventory How to recall products from FF warehouse

What is FlipkartFulfilment? FlipkartFulfilment (previously referred to as Flipkart Advantage) allows sellers to use Flipkart’s 3rd party warehousing and shipping services. A business bulk ships the products to a Flipkart operated warehouse (or FulfilmentCentre (FC)) where they're stored. As and when orders come on day-to-day form customers, Flipkart Fulfillment Centre ships the things, i.e., picks, packs and ships to the buyers. Flipkart FC also handles the returns of products returned by the purchasers or courier companies. Find the newest prices for FA services here: Who should use FlipkartFulfilment? FlipkartFulfilment are often used by: Businesses that don’t have a warehouse of their own or don’t have a warehouse within the metropolitan hubs. Businesses that find it difficult to coach retain a team for his or her warehouses or to realize a quick shipping turn around (1-2 days). An additional advantage of using FlipkartFulfilment is that your products get an ‘Assured’ badge and luxuriate in better search ranking within the product search results. Customers also value the Assured badge once they see it. How to register for FlipkartFulfilment? FF is currently an invitation-only service. Flipkart regularly reviews sellers’ performance to proactively reach bent top sellers for a compelling proposition around FA services. However, sellers can contact their Account Manager or Seller Support to share their queries and Flipkart would revisit . How does FlipkartFulfilment work? Steps to register for FF: Sign up as a seller. Sign-up for FlipkartFulfilment Post-Approval, register for FlipkartFulfilment by updating their fulfilmentcentre as additional /principal space of business. Create consignment for the things which you would like to drop at their FulfilmentCentre (process shown in slides ahead). Ship your products to FlipkartFulfilmentCentre. FlipkartFulfilment will conduct quality checks and will inward and store the products. When orders arrive, FlipkartFulfilment will pick and pack your order & deliver it to buyers. Payment for the orders is settled as per the payment cycle. How to send products to FlipkartFulfilment Center? To send products to a Flipkart warehouse, you would like to login to the Flipkart seller panel. When do products become survive When your products are delivered to the FlipkartFulfilmentCentre, they're quality-checked, inwarded and stocked away on the shelves. As soon as this process is completed, the products appear on the entire process of shipping the consignment and therefore the products becoming survive Flipkart usually takes around 7 days. How to check the inventory present in the warehouse of Flipkart? To see the inventory during a FlipkartFulfilment Center you would like to travel to the inventory section within the Flipkart Seller Panel. the things shown with an ‘Assured’ badge are those which are available within the Flipkart FC. How to recall the products from the Warehouse of Flipkart? You may want to recall the products that are classified as unsellable by Flipkart or those that aren't selling fast on the Flipkart marketplace. To recall the products go on Seller Panel click Inventory click All Inventory click Bulk Recall (dropdown) click Download Bulk RecallFile click Fill the file click Upload Bulk Recall File. What is Flipkart Assured? Note that this is often different from ‘Flipkart Assured’ which may be a customer (or buyer) centric promise from Flipkart that the products are going to be delivered quickly, in fine condition, which Flipkart would take complete responsibility of fulfilling the order on time. Keeping your products would assist you to get the Flipkart Assured badge but which will be granted supported other parameters also.

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