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Quick & Easy guide to GST registration

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The government is gearing up to prepare an April 2017 launch for GST. Whether you run a business or are a service provider, it is likely that GST will impact you. Businesses which are already registered existing VAT, excise or service tax have to get temporary or provisional registration under GST.

PAN mandatory before applying for GST

Having a PAN is mandatory for GST. Unless you have a PAN, registration will not be possible. You can apply for a PAN by visiting or

How to get GST registration

Getting a GST registration is an easy process.  

Log on to  

No hard copies or print outs are required to be submitted and the procedure is completely online.

If you are already registered under existing law such as VAT or service tax or excise, you will get a provisional registration number.

Keep this information handy before registering

The following details are required for GST registration. Since the process of GST registration is completely online, soft copies in pdf/jpeg of the following are required –

  1. Photographs in JPEG format, email id and mobile number

  2. Proof of constitution of the business. In case of a partnership, the partnership deed is required

  3. Registration certificate of the business entity

  4. Bank account details

This article is by ClearTax (, ClearTax is helping Individuals and Businesses prepare for GST

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