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Requirements for Listing of Food and Beverage Online

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

As per requirements under the Food Safety and Standards Regulations (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses), all sellers who display or offer any food for sale to customers through e-commerce shall:

  1. Ensure that clear and legible image of complete label information, of each Food ASIN (excluding Batch number/Lot number, best before the date and expiry date) are made available for customers. For details on imaging guidelines for food ASINs, click this link.

  2. Display Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license number on the seller details page.

  • No misleading information pertaining to seller/brand owner/manufacturer or misleading images of food products are made available or shown on their platform. The information provided must be accurate, clear and easy to understand. It must not be misleading. This includes any claims made in customer testimonials or blogs hosted on the seller website or social media page.

  • No health claims or false claims shall be made on the products being displayed for sale. Claims shall be made only in accordance with the FSS Act 2006, rules & regulations thereunder.

  • Food products under the organic food category shall be in compliance with Food Safety and Standards (Organic Foods) Regulation, 2017.

  • Products that are banned or recalled shall not be listed. These include goods that have been:

  • Prohibited from sale in the country, both online and offline.

  • Recalled from the market, involuntary or mandatory manner.

  • Inadequate product labelling and safety warnings.

  • Products that do not meet mandatory food safety standards.

Procedure to Obtain FSSAI Registration in India

Every individual involved with the food business who might be in any way related to the manufacturing of the food products or their storage or the transportation even distribution of the food products must have an FSSAI Registration or FSSAI license. These are a type of food license that is governed by the government authority called FSSAI which is a short abbreviation for food safety and standards authority of India of the year 2011. Now whether you have to get an obtain FSSAI Registration or an FSSAI license will depend on the size and the nature of the food business you operate.

Who Need FSSAI License?

An FSSAI Registration is required for those who operate an entire food business, in a petty food business. This type of business operator is any kind of person or an entity who are as follows:-

  • Food business operators that include small-scale industries or cottage industries or similar such industries that relate with food businesses that have a turnover of not more than Rs 12 lakh.

  • Has a production capacity of food about 100 kg or litres per day. This category excludes meat and dairy products.

  • Has a production, collection and handling of the milk up to 500 litres per day.

  • In the meat industry has the slaughtering capacity of two large animals per day.

  • Has a capacity of slaughtering 10 small animals per day or has a capacity of slaughtering 50 birds in poultry per day.

Procedure for FSSAI License for Food Business

The individuals that are into petty food businesses are required to obtain an FSSAI Registration which is also known as a basic food license. For this FSSAI Registration, one needs to file for an application for it in the food safety department of the government. The application submission is done via filing a form A. This application could be accepted or rejected by the food and safety department. The status, whether the application is accepted or rejected will be known in about 7 working days and notified by the department. The acceptance or rejection is given in writing to the food business operator.

In case the application is accepted, an FSSAI Registration certificate is granted by the food safety department. You will also get an FSSAI Registration online number which must be printed on all your food products packages. This certificate must be promptly displayed at the business office while you carry out the food business.

FSSAI License is classified in the following 3 categories.

  • Basic FSSAI Registration

  • State FSSAI license

  • Central FSSAI license

An online FSSAI license can be obtained by those food business operators that are not involved in petty businesses. For the FSSAI state-level license, your turnover must be more than Rs 12 lakhs. For a central level FSSAI license you must be a large food manufacturer or processor, transporter or an importer.

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