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Selling On Craftsvilla: Everything you need to know

Craftsvilla is a large, online marketplace for unique, handmade and handcrafted products. Currently, there are over 50,000 products from over 1,000 Indian sellers on its site, and it’s shipping to over 20 countries worldwide.

Currently, of the 20+ countries, Craftsvilla serves, 25% of its orders are sent to the U.S. and Canada.

Craftsvilla is looking to expand to Indonesia and Thailand next and will be soon announcing its launch in these two countries.

Craftsvilla is one of the best places to sell ethnic goods globally.

If you manufacture or reseller ethnic goods, Craftsvilla is a great place to start with.

We will take you stepwise through the process of how to be part of the "ethnic marketplace"

How to register on Craftsvilla?

Click on this link -

This link with take you to the vendor registration page.

Details/Document to keep handly before registration

1) Shop Name and Short Description

2) Company Name

3) Contact Name and Number

4) Address

5) Bank Details

6) PAN


After filling the details at the end of the page it will ask for "Shop Url"

Please enter your brand name

e.g. Craftsvilla

and check for availability, if it is already used then add a tagline to the brand name

e.g. Craftsvillaethincstore

Post-registration, The confirmation will be sent to your registered email address.

To log in you can use the below link

Please login and upload the asked document under the settings tab

What can you sell on Craftsvilla?

Indian Products

Jewellery, Sarees, Home Decor, Home Furnishing, Bags, Spiritual Products

Natural & Organic

Organic Food, Organic Clothing, Natural Food, Natural Soaps.

Unique Products & Services

Retail and Wholesale, Dance & Music Classes, Art & Craft Training

How does it work?

1. List Your Item You list the item on Craftsvilla completely FREE of cost. 2. Customer Buys the Item Customer buys the product and pays electronically to Craftsvilla.

Craftsvilla charge you 25% commission and service tax on each sale

3. Logistic Charges

Rs. 75 + Service Tax per shipment for prepaid orders

Rs.125 + Service Tax per shipment for COD orders

3. Ship Item & Get Paid

You ship the item to the customer in 3 working days. You get paid within 15 days of order.

How to buy Craftsvilla packaging?

Place your order using this link

How to contact Craftsvilla?

You can write to

Invoicing and shipping to customer is your responsibility